NAASCU Second Round underway

Hawks goes up agains the Titans

The first round of the 11th National Athletic Association of Schools Colleges and Universities (NAASCU)  ended with the favored teams making the grade and advancing to the second round of action.  Leading the top six teams is defending champion University of Manila Hawks which rung up eight consecutive wins after dropping their opening game against the STI College Olympians.  The Hawks are 8 – 1 and are the top seed going to the second round.   Not too far behind are the three other favored teams that all won 7 times and won two games each  - the STI College Olympians, the CEU Scorpions and the Informatics Icons.   The Olympians showed that they are one of the favorites in the league by beating the defending champs on opening day but unfortunately failed to sustain their momentum by losing to the Icons and succumbing to pressure against the Phoenix in overtime.  Their better quotient against the two other teams gave them the no. 2 seed in the second round. 

Olympians Morales on the fastbreak

The CEU Scorpions on the other hand could not get a win against the two teams ahead of them but made a strong stand to beat the Icons and the Phoenix. Those wins gave them a strong hold of the third spot.  The Informatics Icons on the other hand suprised the Olympians and was the last team to remain unbeaten.  Their first loss came at the hands of the Hawks and Scorpions but came up above the other teams trailing them. The two remaining teams in the top six are the Fatima Phoenix and the AMACU Titans.  The Phoenix had their moments after they beat the Olympians but lost to the Hawks, Scorpions and Icons.  The Titans on the other hand round out the top six after winning against the bottom half of the draw. The other teams eliminated are the New Era University Hunters, the St. Clare Saints, the City University of Pasay Eagles and newcomer Trace College. Their only common denominator is that they all lost to the top six teams.

Hawks collar the rebound 

In Juniors action, the University of Manila Hawlets remain unbeaten in eight games while the Our Lady of Fatima University Junior Phoenix and CEU Junior Scorpions occupy the second and third positions. The St. Clare Baby Saints and AMACU Junior Titans booked the fourth and fifth spots while the STI Junior Olympians barely made the top six.  In the distaff side, the Centro Escolar Lady Scorpions clinched the Women’s title by sweeping all their games and dislodging the defending champion UM Lady Hawkettes.  The second round for the Juniors resume on September 7. 2011 while the seniors will be starting their second round on September 9, 2011. All games will now be played at the Makati Coliseum.

Raflores scores for the Stallions

BOX SCORES of Sept 2, 2011 game:
CEU 20
Win by Forfeiture
Loss by Forfeiture

Alba 22, Lacastesantos 11, Benavidez 11, Rivera 6, Villalon 6, Jacinto 5, Aque 4, Antalan 2, Flores 2, Valdevilla 0, Alon 0, Nsoga 0, Panes 0,
NEU 61
Sevilla 15, Roncal 15, Bebit 8, Sarmiento 7, Cleofas 5, Faner 4, Reynoso 2, Santos 2, Reventar 1, Rivas 0, Marcial 0, Cuadra 0, Artienda 0, Acuna 0,
Quarterscores 19-13, 40-20, 53-37, 69-61.

Montuano 33, Jalolon 20, Sanghera 8, Acuna 7, Del Rosario 7, Limpat 6, Santos K. 4, Abiang 2, Carlos 2, Santos S. 2, Sy 0, Ungco 0,
Santos 14, Lunor 10, Espeno 8, Barranco 7, Gil 6, Paguirigan 6, Fernandez 6, Ambulodto 4, Macaranas 4, Paltao 3, Liwag 3, Martin 2, Sacay 2,
Quarterscores 28-20, 47-41, 75-59, 93-75.

STI 97
Bautista 15, Bocablo 15, Ortega 10, Ablaza 10, Morales 9, Chavez 7, Ihalas 6, Sabellina 4, Melano 6, Labis 4, Moreno 4, Alcantara 3, Riva 2, Bellosillo 2, Saldania 0, Ohandja 0,
Boyles 13, Nunez 8, Mila 7, Sy 5, Raflores 4, Sambrano 3, Cabrera 3, Villamayor 2, Hilario 0, Ercia 0,
Quarterscores 7-16, 46-19, 77-35, 97-45.